In this day and age, life is understandably hectic for many pet parents. With commitments at work, time out with friends and family, full time attention to our pets are usually not a possibility. So whether you are having late nights at work, out on a holiday or simply need a break and need pet sitting, in home boarding, daycare, dog walking or even pet grooming, PetBacker is here to connect you with other pet lovers who are ready to help you take care of your pets like it were part of their family, belly rubs and hugs included.

PetBacker sitters and pet service providers are normal people who love pets, just like you. They are pet people who are dedicated to put time into giving your pet a day worth barking or meowing about, even roaring about if you’ve got that sort of pet. Your pet stays in a home, free to roam and explore, rather than in the confines of a 3 foot cage typical in kennels or pet hotels. You wouldn’t want to be locked in a cage when your other half is away! PetBacker sitters also limit the number of pets that they take in at any one time, giving your pet much deserved attention while you are away. Compare that to rows and rows of pets trying to seek attention from just a few attendants in a kennel or pet shop. Some of our sitters even go to great lengths, giving your pets’ treats or home spas and delicious home cooked food.

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