Our Aim:

Over at Round of A Paws, we aim to provide a pleasant, convenient and stress-free grooming experience for you & your furkids. We always aim to handle your furkids with love & care.

Love , Care & Safety:

We believe in providing them a comfortable and welcoming environment , thus we do not use cages. Only one dog is allowed to free roam at our waiting area each time. In addition to our no - cage policy, every dog will be dried by hand (instead of using cage dryers). As we have specific grooming time slots for every dog, we ensure that each dog will get the full attention of the groomer during their session. This will ensure that the session is not rushed and done haphazardly.


We aim to provide convenience to owners by providing 2-way transport services at affordable prices. Prices are listed in the menu under the "grooming" tab.

If you want to claim your listing, please reach out to us at hello@pawjourr.com

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