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Pawjourr Features

All-in-one creator management tool

Simplify your workflow from shortlisting creators to seamlessly coordinating product distribution.

Effortless content review

Conveniently review and provide feedback on creator content, ensuring high-quality deliverables.

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Pawjourr Values
Pawjourr Values

Simple & user friendly dashboard

Effortlessly oversee and collaborate with creators in one user-friendly dashboard.

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More than just influencer marketing

See how other brands have leveraged Pawjourr for different types of campaigns.

How does it all work?

End-to-end management for your campaigns


Craft your campaign

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Create campaign brief

Pawjourr How It Works

Select creator preferences

Pawjourr How It Works

Publish campaign to marketplace


Shortlist your preferred creators

Pawjourr How It Works

Review creator applicants

Pawjourr How It Works

Shortlist creators to work with

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Send out products


Review, Approve, & Launch!

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Review content submissions

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Provide feedback

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Approve submissions

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A global hub of talent

Connecting creators from 40+ countries, with a prominent presence in the United States.

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Why choose us over other platforms?

  • Get your first applicant within 24 hours.

  • End-to-end management tool for pet businesses.

  • Immediately get plug into a community of pet creators.

  • Get started for free.

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Pawjourr Banners
Pawjourr Banners

Optimized content for
multiple platforms

Design content optimized for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other leading social media platforms.

Begin your journey with ZERO cost

Start your journey without any upfront costs or hidden fees. Explore our platform and its features at no cost, allowing you to kickstart your experience without any financial commitment.

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